Monday, July 29, 2013

Menu Monday

This weekend was pretty boring in this blogger's home. It involved a lot of working, some cleaning, church, and the bright spot- dinner and a movie with friends. The hubs and I went to get groceries and run errands after church, and 5 minutes into our grocery shopping somehow I deleted my list off of my phone. Fail. At least I got to have lunch at Wegmans!

I got tilapia, corn and bean salad, edamame and garbanzo bean salad, chicken salad, roasted curry cauliflower, pasta salad, and some sort of grain salad in the top left that I don't remember. It was all delicious! Best part about Wegmans (for me anyway) is that I can get one spoonful of a lot of things.

Anyway, this week's eats:

Monday: lunch- leftover burger and mac and cheese

Tuesday: lunch- leftover lasagna
dinner- tuna melts

Wednesday: lunch- leftovers or sandwich and an apple
dinner- Crockpot Sesame Chicken with rice

Thursday: lunch- leftover chicken and rice
dinner: maybe out? or help yourself night

Friday: lunch- cheese and crackers and a banana
dinner- meatball subs

Saturday: fair day!

Our niece is showing her pig at the fair, so we will probably be there part of the day Saturday, and possibly Thursday as well. You will notice that none of these foods are particularly summery, and that is because the weather in Western NY is resembling a cool rainy Spring rather than warm summer. Oh well, at least we got rid of the high 90's weather we had a few weeks ago!

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