Wednesday, July 24, 2013

WIP Wednesday

I feel like I have lots more knitting to show you than I have the past few weeks, and I'm not sure if that is because I have more free time, or because I'm not spending as much of that free time spinning for Tour de Fleece. Either way, I'm not complaining! Here's what I worked on this past week:

Dad's Socks saw quite a lot of work on them, and I'm pleased with how they are turning out. I hope to finish the pair by next week! This has to be the earliest I have finished a Christmas gift.

The other project I worked away on is new this week, a baby sweater:

This little sweater is a Drops pattern, and I'm liking how it is knitting up. The yarn isn't my favorite, but it isn't bad, and since it is going to a non-knitter and a new mom, I thought washable was key :) It would be nice if I could finish this by the end of the month as well, since I could turn it in for a HPKCHC class and because I have two large-ish projects slated for next month!

As I mentioned last week, I'm planning on participating in Camp Loopy for the month of August, and I selected the Barndom pattern to knit.

I ordered two skeins of Malabrigo Sock to go with a skein I already had, since I intended to make the 3 color version. However, now I'm wondering if I want to knit the two color version and end up with a smaller, slightly more wearable version. Looking at the pattern, there isn't a ton of difference between the two sizes (only 2-3 inches) and the only knitting difference is the last several rows, so I may not totally decide until I near the end of the shawl. Here are the three colors pictured together:

This photo is a little dark, but you get the idea. If I only used two colors I would use the brown and either the green or the red/orange, but I think the three go together nicely as well. Decisions, decisions!

Lastly, I finished skeining up my last handspun from Tour de Fleece. I can't remember what the fiber content is off hand, but it is nice and bulky and lofty.

I like it, and it was good experience to spin, but I don't love it. Maybe I will find the perfect project for it, or maybe I will sell it/give it away to someone who loves these colors more than I do. 

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Anonymous said...

Lovely knitting and I'm envious that you've knitted up the very socks and actually Finished them for Christmas,that I wanted to make. Lol. I guess knitting the Dad socks are above my ability level. I so would like to do them, sometime. Your knitting is truly lovely.

Kim Nobles said...

Thank you! I'm still a new sock knitter, and I find taking them one step at a time to be the best way to get through them :) You can do it!