Thursday, July 4, 2013

WIP Thursday

I wasn't able to post yesterday, but I still wanted to share my knitting progress for the week.

Here is the dog sweater I am knitting for our dog, Diesel. I'm making good progress on it, but still have a lot of work left to finish it! I did try it on him the other day and it is fitting well so fingers crossed :)

This is a blanket I have been working on for a bit now, and it is almost finished. I just need to finish the last pink/variegated stripe, then I'm going to weave in my ends and wash it. If the sides curl in too much I may try crocheting around the edge to try and fix that.

Since Tour de Fleece started I have also been spinning. This is my Into the Whirled English Shetland in the Sternennacht colorway. I hope to start chain playing today!

Last night the hubs and I ate out at a new restaurant, The Rio in Frewsburg, NY. This is a very laid back, hometown place with a separate burger menu for it's 80 burgers around the world. I got one of their Mediterranean burgers while the hubs got a Mexican inspired one, and they were both good. We ended up sitting outside, and you can see some of the funky decor they have :)

After dinner we took a stroll downtown and grabbed ice cream at The Igloo. I got cookie dough, and we took a walk and found a pretty creek to watch for a bit :)

It was a nice, relaxing evening and different from our usual running around and staying in. We leave bright and early for a wedding tomorrow, so hopefully I remember to take photos!

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