Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Weekend Recap Part 2 and a Menu

Picking up where the last post left off, we woke up Saturday and drove to meet my brother and his fiance before heading up to Alexandria Bay. The wedding ceremony took place at Boldt Castle, which is on an island, so you take a ferry to get there. This is one of the smaller buildings on the island:

And this is the view of a castle as you come up in the ferry.

The wedding location was beautiful, and the bridesmaids and bride walked down the outside stairs on this building.

 Here you can see the matron of honor, flower girl, and bride making their way to the ceremony.

I didn't take too many other shots of the wedding itself, but it was beautiful and I'm sure the photos will be something they treasure for a long time. After the wedding we had some time before the reception started, so the four of us did a little exploring of the castle. I was having some shoe trouble (read: heels and outside wedding on an island with lots fo walking- what was I thinking???) so I didn't take to many photos.

After we had our fill of the island we headed back to the mainland to go to Bonnie Castle Resort, where our room reservation for the evening and the reception were.

It was a fairly small wedding (between 80-90 people) and the tables were decorated beautifully.

 My brother and his fiance (they will be doing this sometime next year!)

Friends Larry and Yolanda, who also sat at our table.

It got hard to take photos because of the lighting, but this is the bride and the groom with the bride's brother. 

It was a great wedding and it was nice to know so many people at the reception because I have known the bride and her family for a while now. Best wishes to the happy couple!

Sunday morning we got up and had breakfast with my parents, brother, and fiance and the North Star Restaurant. 
 I ordered their brocoli scramble, which was hash browns topped with scrambled egg, broccoli, and cheese sauce. YUM.

Afterwards we had planned to go on a boat tour of some of the islands, but since it was raining we decided to head to the Syracuse Mall. My dad was very interested in the racing Zach and I had talked about, so of course that happened.

Mom, Amy (my brother's fiance) and me waiting for the boys to race!

Random racing photos!

After hitting up a few stores and the food court for some lunch, we said good bye and drove home. It was a great weekend!

Now that I have to cook for myself again (what is it about vacation and eating out that makes cooking for yourself seem like such a drag?) we need a menu!

Monday: leftovers/random snacks

Tuesday: lunch- chicken noodle soup and cottage cheese (not together though!)
Dinner: Fish (I think salmon is what is in the freezer) with rice and a veggie

Wednesday: lunch- whatever I can come up with
Dinner- out

Thursday: lunch- undecided (maybe Subway?)
Dinner- Slow cooker BBQ chicken and pasta salad

Friday: lunch- leftovers
Dinner- homemade pizza and salads

This weekend should be fairly quiet, just working around the house and a family event with the hubs. Knitting and spinning progress tomorrow!

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