Monday, July 1, 2013

Weekend Recap and a Menu

This weekend was a good one that started Friday morning with picking up the hubs! He had been away for two weeks, so it was definitely nice to have him home again. We ate a late lunch out at Red Lobster and then headed home to get him unpacked and settled in. I actually had a Stampin Up workshop/party to go to, so I left him to his unpacking and headed over to my friend Carrie's house. She is a Stampin Up demonstrator, and she did an awesome job walking us through the two cards we made that evening. Here are mine!

I think that these are not only beautiful designs, but really functional. I could see sending them to a lot of different people, but for now they are sitting on a table at home so I can bask in my accomplishment :)

Saturday was busy between yard work, house chores, and family visits and dinner with my family. I feel like I did a lot, but didn't get much accomplished. Still a good day though!

Sunday was church (where we had nursery duty!) and then after trying to figure out what to do with our day, we decided to go see a movie. We don't see many movies in theater, but it was a rainy Sunday afternoon and it seemed like a perfect plan. We saw Man of Steel, and it was pretty good. Another dinner with my family (can you tell my brother is home?) and then off to a friend's house for another movie, Out of Time. This one was just ok, nothing great.

This morning I woke up to this mess on my kitchen table:

This is a tea cup that had a flower in it (that died, of course, because it was left to my care) from a shower a few weeks ago. The cat was apparently bored and emptied it of all the dirt, but thankfully the tea cup and saucer are fine. Crazy cat!

Since this week is thrown off by fourth of July celebrations and we will be out of town Friday- Sunday for a wedding, our menu is a bit different.

Monday: Beef quesadillas

Tuesday: Grilled Chicken Salads

Wednesday: Salmon and rice

Thursday: Hot dogs on the grill and potato salad and other assorted good eats

Friday is sort of a vacation day on our way to the wedding, so we will be hanging out in Syracuse for the day. Hoping to have some restaurants and fun to report next Monday!

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