Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Wedding Weekend

Early Friday morning the hubs and I packed up the car and headed out for the wedding of a close friend of my family's. Since the wedding wasn't until Saturday afternoon  the hubs and I spent Friday in Syracuse before meeting up with my brother and his fiance Saturday morning and heading the rest of the way to Alexandria Bay. 

When we arrived in Syracuse it was about lunch time, so we were more than ready to hit up Stellas Diner. We were really impressed- this dinner has a small town feel but the staff was professional and you could tell they stayed busy!

 The hubs ordered a mushroom and swiss omelet with corned beef hash. 

I got the "Garden Stella" which was a egg, tomato, spinach, and cheese sandwich on a bagel with homefries.

Both were delicious! After our tasty lunch we headed over to the Destiny USA mall. Holy cats, this place is huge! We were really impressed with all the modern decor and their commitment to sustainability and low impact on the environment. Here you can see one of the many touch screen directories to help you find you way.

They also had neat sculpture/decor in various places around the mall.

None of this was more exciting (for the hubs anyway) than the indoor go kart track on the third floor. Yup. You better believe he took advantage of that!

They had elevators as well as escalators throughout the mall, so it was really easy to get where you wanted to go.

More cool decoration :)

For dinner we settled on Dinosaur Bar-B-Que, a local hot spot. There is another location in Rochester closer to us, but we hadn't been before but had heard great things.

The hubs got a rack of ribs with fries and cottage cheese. Those ribs were really good!

However my plate was awesome- pulled pork and beef brisket platter with mac and cheese and cole slaw. I wish I had two stomachs so I could have kept eating! (We did take leftovers, but didn't end up finishing them either!) I really want to go to the Rochester location next time we are up that way.

The only downside to Dinosaur BBQ was the wait- almost an hour! We thought by waiting until closer to 8pm to go for dinner we would beat the rush but it was almost 9pm by the time we ate. The good part about this was that we caught some of the live music they had before going back to our hotel for the evening :)

I'm going to wait to post the rest of our weekend adventures and my weekly menu until tomorrow, partially because this post is long and we need to go grocery shopping before I can say for sure what we will eat :)

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