Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Mid Week Menu

Yesterday was such a busy day I totally forgot about blogging! The funny part is, I actually had some free time Sunday to plan a menu and make a grocery list, so I was ahead of the game for once. Oh well :)

 Thursday I had some of the first veggies from our garden- a tomato and a cucumber with an avocado (not from our garden!) and italian dressing. YUM!

We also had kebabs for dinner on Friday. Always a winner!

Saturday the hubs worked a long day so I got stuff done around the house. Our office is almost finished- I will share pictures soon! Waiting for my new chair (!) to come in the mail.

 Sunday we had a picnic in the park after church and went to an open house around the corner from ours, just for fun. 

Even though it was a quick little picnic 2 minutes from our house, it was a nice change from our usual routine. Yay for random dates!

Anyway, the menu!

lunch- lean pocket and an apple
dinner- out (grocery shopping)

lunch- veggies and dip, string cheese, granola bar
dinner- baked chicken chimichangas with mushrooms

lunch- leftovers

lunch- pizza leftovers
dinner- meatball subs and roasted veggies

lunch- sandwich, banana, granola bar
dinner- leftovers/ help yourself!

dinner- fried rice

This Saturday is a packed day including a Stampin up card party and a 7 year old's birthday party. I have actually made a few cards at Stampin up events since my friend Carrie became a Stampin Up Rep. After the event on Saturday I will do a post about all the cards I have made!

And since everyone loves a photo of the pup:

He has it rough.

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