Monday, August 5, 2013

Full Weekend but nothing to show?

We had quite the weekend here at the Handcraftedsnippets home. Saturday we went to the fair for most of the day, and the weather was pretty darn perfect. Mid 70s with a slight breeze. We also worked in our office for a while, getting rid of things we don't need and planning on how to rearrange and reorganize. 

Sunday was a full day- we had nursery duty at church, then we went home to grab my in-laws truck and bring it over to the fair for them. They camped at the fair all week long, and were packing up the camper and getting ready to come home. After a brief visit home for some cereal we headed over to Sara and Kris' to help remove a branch that had fallen. The hubs took the bigger pieces to use in woodworking. Then we came home, changed clothes, and played tennis with Sara, Miranda, and Marcus.

Serious, playing tennis was the best part of my weekend. I played for a few years in high school, and it was a blast getting back out on the courts and playing again. This morning I was reminded how long it has been since I played tennis- my left hip is complaining :) But it was totally worth it and I'm hoping to make it back to the courts a few more times this summer.

After tennis all 6 of us (Sara and Kris, Marcus and Miranda, and the hubs and I) grabbed groceries. We were quite the sight! Dinner was the hubs, my dad and I, and we had steak on the grill, crock pot salt potatoes, and cucumber from the garden. Then the 6 of us met up to Sara and Kris' for a movie. And of course, I took photos of none of it. Regardless, it was a fun weekend spent with friends :)

Here is our meal plan for the week:

Monday: lunch- leftover potatoes and chicken patty
dinner- either chicken salad sandwiches or steak salad

Tuesday: lunch- leftovers or crackers and cheese 

Wednesday: lunch- leftover enchiladas
dinner- out or grilled chieken

Thursday: lunch- subway?
dinner- chicken burritos

Friday: lunch- chicken and veggies
dinner: solo supper! not sure what yet

Saturday: lunch- probably something light, since I'm having a Stampin Up party with appetizers at 3pm
dinner- not sure yet!

As I mentioned above, Saturday I'm hosting a Stampin Up party and I want to make a few snacky foods. Zucchini tots would be good, especially since the ones from my garden might be ready! I also need at least one sweet treat, but I have time to figure it all out.

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BerryMorins Bits & Tips said...

Don't you just hate eating the same thing everyday? I know I certainly do.
This is a wonderful time of year when many bloggers are sharing their summer harvest.
My husband and I will be heading to the farmers market in a couple of weeks. He actually wants to try his hand at making pickles. It should be fun for both of us.
Have a delicious week.

Kim Nobles said...

Making pickles sounds like fun! In a few more weeks I'm sure I will be inundated with produce :)