Saturday, August 17, 2013

Photo Issue fixed and some clothes!

I'm really happy to report that I think I have fixed the photo problem. The long and short of it is, when I would plug in my iPhone to download photos, iPhoto would tell me that some of all of my photos were in an unrecognizable format.  I tried a combination of things, but what finally worked for me was to get as many photos off that way as I could, then I emailed the rest to myself and cleaned off my camera roll. I uploaded the photos from yesterday/this morning a minute ago and they all worked without a hitch! 

Yesterday, the hubs took me shopping in Grove City. Ladies, I am about to blow your minds here because he told me that I had a minimum amount of money to spend and I needed to come away with at least three full outfits. The bonus? Instead of paying for the clothes with out debit cards (aka bank accounts/shared money) he was going to use his money he had saved up. We each get an "allowance" every week that we can spend on whatever we want or we can save it. He used his to buy me clothes! Yes, I have a keeper :)

The backstory: I don't really like shopping. This comes from a lot of different things that I wont go into here, but I basically avoid clothes shopping and have gotten by the past 6 or so years shopping online sales and running into stores for something if absolutely needed. Much of my closet either doesn't fit, is really too old or worn to be anything but paint clothes, or doesn't get worn because I don't feel comfortable in it. 

After yesterday, I practically doubled my wardrobe. We used a lot of coupons, took advantage of sales, and my husband is very generous :) Here is a shot of my haul:

Tops are on the right, bottoms on the left. Yeah, thats more clothes than I have bought in years!

I took photos of about 2/3 of the clothes I tried on yesterday, and I thought I would share some of them and talk about why I chose some things and not others. I'm not a fashion expert by ANY means, but sometimes I find it helpful when regular people show how things look on them and how they pick what works and what doesn't. I'll try to name the stores the clothes are from too!

These are jeans from Banana Republic. I hadn't shopped here before, because their clothes are usually out of my price range, but because it was an outlet store, the sale they were having, and my coupon, I was able to get some nice things! These are their bootcut fit, and I ended up having to go with a short- these are the regulars, and as you can see they are a bit long ;) I'm pear shaped, so bottoms are usually more of a problem for me, but these fit just a little snug, which is perfect since jeans tend to stretch just a bit when you were them.

Here is an example of pants that did not work:

These were a type of cropped dress pant that the hubs had handed me. I'm not a very short person (5ft 5) but I feel like these pants make me look shorter than I am. Also the fit isn't great- you can't tell from this photo, but the waist was gapping at the back. Overall, I did well at Banana Republic, and I will definitely be watching for sales in the future!

This next outfit is something that is out of my comfort zone.

For a long time I thought I couldn't pull off leggings. Since I'm bottom heavy I always thought that they wouldn't work. I have found that they key is to buy well fitting structured leggings. Really stretchy ones can become see through if you are more ample on the bottom like me :) These leggings are really think with stretch, so there is no chance of them becoming see through. I didn't end up getting this sweater- it was a really drapey fabric and I felt like it didn't do anything for me. This was also one of the stores we didn't have a coupon for (Ann Taylor) so I only got the leggings and a sweater that was on sale. What do you think about leggings? Yay or nay?

This outfit was also from Ann Taylor:

And it's a no. The top fit all wrong- it was too big at the top, and you can see how big the armhole is. If I moved you could see my bra- not ok! The pants came up too high on my waist- you can see the waistband giving me a tummy pouch through the shirt. This all went back on the rack.

Gap is one of my favorite stores. I found several nice things there! It is one of those stores that I can go into knowing that the stuff usually fits well.

This sweater is one of my favorites from the day.

I love stripes, so that was a bonus. I also like the sleeve length- I tend to shove my full length sleeves up, so this length is perfect for me. I think the sweater has just the right amount of drape and structure to be flattering, and I like the length of it. This was a pick by the hubs, and he got it spot on!

Here is an example of a bad top:

This didn't work for me for a few reasons- 1. It is too long. 2. the sleeves are too long, and they have the thumbholes at the bottom so it makes cuffing them awkward. 3. It is too tight around my hips. So this one went back on the rack for someone taller and thinner than me!

This is an amazingly soft sweater that I actually got in two colors, also from Gap:

Notice how I have the last two buttons undone? It's not because the sweater doesn't fit- I have found that on slightly longer sweaters this makes them a bit more hourglass friendly (also, I was lazy and didn't feel like buttoning and unbuttoning ALL the buttons!) If you have a button up cardigan try it sometime! 

That's it for this not-a-fashion-post. I hope you guys liked seeing what I tried on and maybe even found some ideas for new clothes for yourself! If you have any questions about clothes and brands I tend to buy, let me know! Us pear shaped people have to stick together ;)

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