Monday, January 19, 2015

A Full Weekend and a Menu

This weekend was really great- lots of time with friends and also some down time at home. I love when you can hit that balance! Friday evening we went up to our friends to help them set up a computer and watch a movie. Well, the movie never happened, but we had a good night anyway! Their daughter is a few months older than Carter, and the two always have fun together (and the adults love watching them!)

Saturday we hung around the house in the morning. Carter had her first taste of solids! We started with rice cereal, and you would have thought we were feeding her ice cream. She LOVED it! I was really surprised at how well she did. She also played in the snow for the first time since it was fairly warm and we had a lot of snow. She wasn't too sure about the snow itself but she seemed to like being pulled in the sled!

In the evening we went out with some friends for Five Guys and to watch American Sniper. My in-laws watched Carter for us, so it was like a group date night! I had a gift card for Five Guys, and I paid for our tickets online with my Paypal balance, so the only thing we paid for was our gas and movie snacks. Only thing better than a date night is an almost free one!

Sunday we went to church and I didn't have to work, so we had a nice afternoon just hanging out. We didn't have much food in the house, but our favorite pizzeria is closed for vacation right now, so we ordered pizza and wings from another spot in town. It definitely wasn't as good as our favorite, but I didn't have to cook! It was an early night to bed for all of us since we had two late nights in a row!

Today I have off for Martin Luther King Jr. day, so when it was Carter's first nap time I packed her up and we headed for the grocery store. Normally she sleeps for 45 minutes - 1 1/2 hours, so I knew I had enough time to grab what I needed. Wouldn't you know, the little stinker woke up as soon as we got to the grocery store!? She was really good actually, considering she only got 20 minutes of sleep.

She always falls asleep in the car (even when we don't want her to!) so I figured she would go back to sleep for a bit again on the drive home. Nope! She was awake the whole time! As I pulled onto our road she started to fall asleep, so I left her in her car seat and ran the groceries inside.

Our friends that we visited with on Friday have off on Mondays, so I texted to see if they were home and interested in a play date. When I got up there both babies were asleep, so my friends and I got to chat and catch up. Then it was all about the babies! They are so funny to watch.

Our menu this week is a little all over the place. I still have to grab a few things at the store near work, so nothing is set in stone yet.

Monday: French dip sandwiches
Tuesday: leftovers
Wednesday: Taco salad
Thursday: Pizza Slab pie (this didn't happen last Friday!)
Friday: TBA!

I also plan to make up a few mason jar salads for lunches and maybe some puppy chow? I am trying to bake something every week and even though that isn't technically baking, it will satisfy my sweet tooth just the same!

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