Monday, January 12, 2015

Sleepy Day and Weekly Menu

Last night was probably one of the hardest nights since having Carter. Not because I only got 4 hours of sleep (I did) and not because I got a headache from being awake so long and her crying (also true) but because she was so upset for so much of the evening. She is an awesome sleeper, and even being sick this past week she has pretty much slept 9-10 hours straight at night. Last night, anytime we laid her down she screamed, and did so until 3am when I called the doctors. After a dose of Tylenol and a car ride we did get her to sleep for an hour, then she woke up again. I fed her to calm her down then we all snuggled into our bed for another 2-3 hours of sleep.

I never thought I would co-sleep with Carter as I didn't really feel comfortable doing it, but when she fell asleep after eating you better believe there was no way I was going to move her. Turns out after a visit to the doctors that she has an ear infection on top of her cold. Hopefully the antibiotic helps clear that up quick! I want my healthy baby back :/

All that aside, I did plan our menu for the week. I really enjoy menu planning. Even though half the time things get moved around and changed by the end of the week, it definitely makes grocery shopping a lot easier and helps keep me from buying things we don't get a chance to eat. Here's what I'm thinking for this week:

Tuesday: broiled fish and green beans
Wednesday: spaghetti and meatballs
Thursday: leftovers
Friday: pizza slab pie and salads

Baked goods: I made brownies over the weekend, and there are still a few of those left. I've got my eye on Cookies and Cream puppy chow though, so that might be Thursday's project :)

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