Sunday, January 11, 2015

Sick Baby

Baby Carter came down with the cold I had last Sunday, and I'm pretty sure a sick baby is one of the worst things in the world. Thankfully she doesn't have the flu or something more serious, but its still hard to watch her being all stuffed up and coughing. We've been trying to get her to sleep as much as possible, and even sick she has slept through the night all but one night.

Carter normally sleeps in her crib (she has since about 10 weeks old) but with being sick the incline of the Rock n Sleeper helps her sleep better. The vibrate doesn't hurt either! We have a humidifier going in her room and I think that helps, and been trying to get her to eat as much as possible. Other than saline drops there's not a whole lot more that we can do.

A sick baby coupled with a snow day on Friday means not a whole lot has been happening here. The hubs and I escaped for a few hours on Saturday while my dad watched Carter, and I got Chipotle for lunch (but of course forgot to take a photo).

Here's hoping this week everyone gets over this awful cold. I have our menu almost ready to go for tomorrow and I have actually gotten some knitting done this weekend, so I can't wait to share it!

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