Wednesday, January 7, 2015

Socks for Baby Feet

My child has long skinny feet, which she gets from me. All the baby socks seems to be made for kids with short, fatter feet, therefore not only are they too small lengthwise, Carter doesn't have any bulk to hold them on. If they are long socks they are usually ok, but short ones don't work at all. As a knitter I felt it was my duty to fix this problem, but I didn't want to knit socks she would outgrow in 3 weeks. Enter the tube sock!

Tube socks are basically socks without a heel, so they can be worn for a long time before they don't fit. I'm knitting some that are ribbed all the way down on one side and only at the cuff on the other. I know some people do ribbing all the way around, but I was worried it wouldn't be comfortable once Carter started walking. Maybe I will do another pair all ribbed once I finish this pair.

These are being knit out of Sunshine Yarns Classic sock in the Magic colorway on size two needles. These are my "easy" knitting, so they travel with me or get worked on late at night :)

I'm also still working on Carter's stocking. Even though I didn't get it finished for Christmas, I wanted to keep working on it so I wasn't rushing next Christmas to finish it. I'm just starting the last colorwork chart.

This is the New Ancestral Stocking pattern and I'm knitting it out of Knit Picks Wool of the Andes.

Lastly, I started my January knit (according to my 2015 knitting) which is the blanket for my brother and soon-to-be sister-in-law. I was concerned about the pinhole cast on, but the tutorial linked to in the pattern was really clear and I got it right away.

I'm knitting them the Vivid pattern out of several shades of Berocco Vintage. I'll post a good shot of all the colors when I get a little further.

That's my knitting for this week! What are you working on?

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