Friday, January 16, 2015

My "Normal" Day

I see a lot of "A Day in the Life" posts on blogs, so I thought I would try one out! This was my day yesterday, which happens to be my day off. This looks quite different from days I work! I love having a day off during the week to get things done and play with Carter!

12:30am: Carter has scooted around in her crib and is against the rails. I get up and move her and go back to sleep
3am: Carter has moved again and has her head against the corner. She is sleep scooting!
6am: the hubs leaves for work and says goodbye
7am: My alarm goes off, and Carter is still sleeping. I decide to go back to bed for a bit until she wakes up
7:40am: Carter is still not awake, so I go in and wake her up and feed her. Sleepyhead this morning!

8am: Change and dress the baby, then get dressed myself. I try propping her on my bed with pillows, but she isn't having it

8:30am: Put Carter in her high chair with some toys so I can drink my coffee, pump, and get us packed up to run errands
9:15am: Carter loses interest in being in her high chair, and I have to hold her while I finish packaging up some yarn I sold and packing the diaper bag
9:45am: We finally leave to run errands, Carter falls asleep in the car. I grab one of the new Turkey sausage breakfast sandwiches from Tim Hortons
10:30am: I stop at Joanns for some things for work before heading to the mall to walk
10:45am: We get to the mall and Carter eats, we walk, I change her, we walk some more
11:45am: We head to Wegmans for some groceries we can't get at the supermarket near us, and run into my cousin! I actually tried wearing Carter in the Moby wrap instead of carrying in her carseat. It worked ok, but I think it will work better in a few more weeks when it isn't so cold!
12:30pm: We leave Wegmans and Carter falls asleep in the car
12:45pm: I realize I never ate lunch and I'm starving. I'm limited to somewhere with a Drive Thru, so I stop at Wendys. Not very healthy, but it was good!
1:30pm: We get home and I unload the car. Carter is still asleep so I leave her in her carseat and put away groceries
2pm: Carter wakes up and I feed her
2:30pm: I do chores around the house while Carter plays in her high chair and later her jumper
3:30pm: We load up into the car again to drop something off at the post office for the hubs
3:45pm: Carter is still awake so I head up to the Ford dealership to pay our bill and see my Dad. I push my luck, Carter falls asleep. Oh well!
4:15pm: We get back home and Carter is still sleeping, so I start writing this post.
4:45pm: Carter wakes up and I feed her. The hubs walks in from work just as I finish, and he plays with her while I start dinner. She is all about the FEET!

5:15pm: Simple dinner of spaghetti and meatballs, though I added in spinach to try and get more veggies!
5:45pm: I do chores around the house while the hubs takes Carter upstairs in the office to play in her bumbo while he works
6:15pm: Bumbo time is short lived, so I strap her to me with the Moby and we sing and dance around the house
6:45pm: Carter goes down for her last nap of the day. We are trying to transition her to three naps instead of four, but I don't think that will happen until Saturday when we introduce solids! I prep lunches for the next day, and finish cleaning the kitchen from dinner
7:30pm: It's a short nap! Carter is up and I feed her.
7:45pm: I give Carter her Amoxicillin. This kid LOVES to take medicine from the syringe.
8pm: The hubs and I trade off playing with Carter while watching TV- this is always an event because we try not to let Carter watch TV, so you really have to multitask!
9pm: no bath tonight, just pajamas, diaper change, and a bottle
9:30pm: We put Carter down for the night and after 5 minutes she is out!
9:45pm: I pump and set coffee for the morning
10pm: Get into bed and chat with the hubs, then fall asleep

Whew, written all out like that my day looks nuts! Work days are much less eventful, because a huge chunk would just say "work" ;)

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