Monday, September 12, 2011

Life in Mini

Mini socks are not a new thing- I know of friends who have been making them for years. But I only recently discovered the wonder of them. Socks are amazing knits- sometimes the directions don't make sense, and they can seem pretty complicated, but you feel so accomplished when you're done! This way you get all the accomplishment in a fraction of the knitting time. Plus they're just so darn cute!

My OWL for the HPKCHC this term is to make 30 mini socks plus a garland to string them on. I plan to use it as a Christmas decoration and to add to it as I collect more HP Sunshine colorways. I just finished my second sock, which also serves as my photo of the day:

I'm going to label each photo with the colorway to make it easier. I wound the yarn for my next mini sock this morning... but its a surprise!

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