Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Transformers 3

Sunday night a few friends and I decided to do something fun since we all had Monday off. We ended up settling on seeing a movie, and we went to see Transformers 3.

We also decided to see it in 3D Imax, and this was my first Imax movie, though not my first 3D movie. I thought the movie itself was pretty good. I grew up with the Transformers cartoons and have enjoyed seeing the series remade into movies. I liked that they brought back a lot of the characters from the first movies, and thought they even did a decent job integrating the new girlfriend and explaining what had happened with the old one, played by Megan Fox. Overall I would give the movie 4 stars.

My Imax experience was pretty good. We went to a late showing, and this movie has been out a little while, so it wasn't crowded. One thing I noticed is that you want to sit toward the very back of the theater in Imax- the screen is so large even sitting in the middle made you feel like you were too close. My glasses broke right as the movie started, but thankfully my husband went and got new ones and the theater didn't give him a hard time.I also had a headache at the end of the movie, and I'm not sure if it was the 3d glasses combined with my regular glasses, the large screen, where we sat, or a combination of all three. I would try either Imax or 3D again though... but maybe with a coupon! It was $31 for us to go see the movie, and we definitely wont be doing this more than once in a great while.

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