Thursday, January 17, 2013

Taking Pictures

I am horrible at taking photos. My mom is actually a photographer, and she sells beautiful cards with her photos mounted on them, does people's senior and family portraits, and pretty much takes amazing photos. I inherited the opposite of all these qualities. First, I never remember to take photos. Its a little better now that I have a smart phone with a good camera, but still. Second, even if I do remember to take photos, its like 2, they are terrible, and I forget to do anything with them.

I came to the realization though that I don't have that great of a memory. I don't want to forget little moments, funny hair styles, spur of the moment day trips, or any of it. The best way I can think of to document those is to remember to take photos, and then save or store them somewhere.

I'm not sure if these means doing a regiment like a photo a day, or just trying to be more conscious of taking photos, or what, but I know its something I want to work on. Going along with that, here are a few random photos from the last week or so.

The family relaxing- a typical night for us.

Homework helper #1

Homework helper #2

Dinner from Tuesday.

Any suggestions for helping me remember to take photos? How do you organize/share your photos?


Shayla said...

I use Flickr to store most of my pictures (except really personal ones, those stay on the computer).

I generally carry my camera with me in my pocket. It's just a small Canon and doesn't take up much room. Whenever I see something that makes me smile or catches my eye, I take a picture. It takes some time, patience and practice to get the shots that you really like, but I practice a lot on stuff that won't move (like the cats napping).

Have fun!

Also, dinner looks great! And, we have similar homework helpers. :-)

Kim Nobles said...

Flickr is a great idea. I think I have an account but I rarely use it. I think having somewhere to dump them all would be best rather than trying to take them and then decide where I can upload them.