Monday, January 28, 2013

Weekend Recap and Menu Planning

This weekend ended up being pretty different from what I had planned! Friday night we had a great time at a friends house for a hot cocoa party. There were two different kinds of hot chocolate, complete with a dozen toppings and cookies. YUM! We played board games and watched funny You Tube videos while sipping our hot chocolate, and laughed way too hard. No pics, but trust me, it was a good time!

Saturday was a pretty quiet day. We did some boring stuff like paperwork, house cleaning, a little baking, and relaxing. Knowing this week was going to be crazy it was nice to get some of that stuff out of the way and not be busy! This kind of a day means I actually make breakfast, and I tried the Cinnamon Rolls pancakes recipe. It was pretty good, but we each only had one because they were so filling (and not exactly waistline friendly!)

I also took advantage of our lazy day to finally use one of my Christmas gifts! The hubs got me this decal and I LOVE it! I put it on my computer where I will see if often.

Why yes, I am a dork :)

Sunday ended up all over the place. We went to church like normal, and ended up going to to breakfast/brunch with the in-laws and our nieces. I had a simple breakfast of easy over eggs, hash browns, bacon, and toast (not very healthy, but good!) My mom had called and asked if I would dye her hair for her before they go on vacation, so I planned to head to my parents while the hubs was supposed to go snowmobiling with his dad and brother. Well, the snowmobiling didn't happen, but the hubs was already over at his parents, so he visited with them and his grandmother for the afternoon. My parents ended up going shopping and not getting home til later in the afternoon, so the hair dyeing got moved back until 4ish. The hubs and I both went over and he watched the Sabres game with my dad while I did mom's hair. They also brought home pizza, so it atoned for any inconvenience of scheduling :) As we were leaving we got a text from some friends to come hangout, so we headed there for a few hours and chatted, played Zombies on the xbox, and tried to get the German Shepherd to like the hubs (for some reason he barked at him all night!?)

Part of the crew trying to convince the dog to come hang out.

But he only wanted to see his mama :)

While the weekend was great, this morning rolled around nice and early at 6am for our household :/ The new crazy schedule means getting up much earlier- and also will mean packing lunches (and dinners some days). I'm trying to be more organized about planning our meals and packing them in advance. Maybe next week I will start planning lunches and dinners for the week, but this week it will have to be just dinners.

Monday: Leftovers
Tuesday: Mac and cheese with broccoli
Wednesday: Shrimp, broccoli, and cheese soup (combo of Fast Shrimp Bisque and broccoli cheese soup)
Thursday: Leftovers or help yourself!
Friday: homemade pizza

I also plan on trying out the Chunky Monkey cookie recipe. I thought these would be good to pack in lunches without all the fat and sugar of regular cookies. 

Also, this weekend I am hoping to try a few appetizers. I don't know if we will watch the Superbowl, but there are Sabres games Saturday and Sunday, so I thought some nice snacks might be appreciated! Right now I'm leaning towards Sassy Wonton Tacos. I was so excited to find this recipe- the hubs and I love the Applebees appetizer, but they definitely don't fit into my calorie budget. This recipe sounds great and is much healthier! 

I also found Jalapeño Cornbread poppers that look really good, but I'm kinda gun shy about jalapeños after the incident where my mom almost had to take me to the ER (jalapeños and eyes do NOT mix). Maybe I can convince the hubs to handle the peppers for me???

Sorry for the long post, but at least there are pictures, right?

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