Monday, April 22, 2013

Blog Fail and Menu?

You may (or may not) have noticed that I only got one blog post out last week. There are a couple of reasons for that- it's nearing the end of my school semester so in addition to assignments for each class I now have final papers and projects sucking my time. Also last weekend I had two showers to attend, one of which I helped out with, so that kept me busy. With all the stuff going on in the news its hard to focus on my small world. Then there was a bunch of small stuff that came up and I caught a cold. When you put it all together you have a crazy week/weekend with a person who wants to fall asleep at 8pm.

My blog is important to me and I feel like it keeps me organized and accountable. However, the next 4 weeks might be sketchy. I may or may not keep to my Monday, Wednesday blog post schedule. I might not post again until mid May (I really hope that doesn't happen!) What I'm trying to say is that we are flying by the seat of our pants over here, and that includes meals, house chores, and social commitments. It's crunch time, and it's going to stink, and then it will be over!

 This was my view Saturday morning:
It continued to snow on and off until mid afternoon, but its hasn't come back since. The weather this week looks slightly warmer with most days in the 50s, so here's hoping real spring weather is on its way!

As far as a menu goes, I think instead of assigning meals to days I'm just going to write meal ideas here. That way I have something to refer to and you guys can see what kind of stuff we are chowing down on this week.

I bought a whole chicken over the weekend, and I plan to roast that and some veggies for a simple supper tonight. That will give us leftovers for another meal or two, maybe quesadillas? Also shrimp is on sale this week, so I might combine it with some veggies and polska kielbasa with some pasta for a quick meal. 

One of the things that contributed to a stressful week last week was the fact that we found all out food in our chest freezer downstairs thawed and rotten. The power had gotten turned off to the freezer :/ Thankfully it wasn't full, and we didn't have to throw out too much food, but we were still really disappointed. This does mean that our stash of meats to thaw and grill is depleted  but we still have some things in the upstairs freezer we might cook up.

Have you ever lost food from your fridge or freezer because something went wrong?

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vampire_wolf said...

Feel better Cuz.
oh, and on the snow front...MUHAHAHAHAHAHA!