Monday, April 8, 2013

Menu Monday

This weekend was unexpectedly fun! Saturday I worked and the hubs had drill, but he got out early and we met some friends at the local Greek Diner for dinner. Afterwards we went to another friend's house for a movie night with brownies and ice cream. No photos, but you can be sure it was a good time! Both get-togethers were totally impromptu, but sometimes those are the best kind.

Sunday I stopped over to my parents to use their iron (ours isn't working right) to steam block my gift for the baby shower later that day. Mom thought the cat would have a great time with my scraps:

I'm not sure he had as fun as we did, but he was a good sport about it!

I'm really happy with how my gift for the shower came out. I forgot to take a photo of it all packed up (duh) but I do have a photo of the bibs all nicely steamed:

There was also a little newborn hat I made, but I'll show that on Wednesday with the rest of my knitting :) The mom to be loved the bibs and she looked great for being less than 3 weeks away from her due date!

After I got home from the shower Diesel was being quite the ham. He climbed up behind me on the couch and was resting his head on my shoulder, but when I tried to take a photo he wouldn't cooperate. I did eventually get this shot:

But after this the photo session went down hill quickly ;)

This morning both Diesel and Elliot were waiting outside the bathroom door for me, and Elliot was amusing himself by playing with Diesel's tail. The two of them crack me up!

All in all the weekend was so good that it made starting a new week not so bad! Here's our menu plan:

Monday: My version of Caesar Chicken Chalupas
Tuesday: Homemade pizza using whatever toppings we can find in the fridge
Wednesday: Dinner out with the In-laws!
Thursday: Either fast food or mac and cheese 

I also want to make banana muffins sometime this week as I have three very ripe bananas on my counter. This weekend looks wide open right now, so I might actually make several more meals that what I have above. Guess we will see how it plays out!

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