Monday, April 15, 2013

Menu Monday

Today is the nicest day we have had yet this year with promises of 70 degree weather... 70! I'm really excited even though I have to be inside most of the day. This weekend was lots of fun! We spent a lot of time with friends watching movies, doggie play dates, and target and clay pigeon shooting. Unfortunately I didn't take ANY photos. I have got to get better about that!

Last week's menu was a total fail. Last week was kind of rough- we ended up eating out Tuesday, Wednesday (which was planned) and Thursday, which is pretty unusual for us. Honestly, Tuesdays and Thursdays are such long days that by the time we are heading home at 8pm it sounds so great just to stop and get some food rather than waiting until we get home and trying to find something to eat. I'm over it, and striving to make this week a little better. 

Monday: The chicken and shrimp jambalaya that I had on for last week (only ours will have sausage rather than chicken)

Wednesday: Steak is in sale this week, so I'm thinking grilled steak and roasted veggies

Friday: Roasted whole chicken (also on sale this week) with pasta salad

Saturday: lettuce chicken wraps similar to these

You will notice that I didn't bother to plan for Tuesday and Thursday. I decided that since I almost never eat what I plan for those days that, until mid May when I graduate, I'm not going to bother. If there are leftovers great, otherwise we will eat something quick or (gasp) eat out. We just need to make it to graduation! Then we can eat like normal people again ;)


vampire_wolf said...

Yay for eating like normal people!
That jambalaya sounds really good, tell me if you like it :)

Kim Nobles said...

It was great! I think the chicken would be good, but we had ours with polska kielbasa :)