Friday, April 26, 2013

Friday Pinterest Finds

Surprisingly I don't have an overwhelming amount of pins for you this week even though I didn't post last week. Just goes to show how busy things have been I suppose!

First is a simple meal that I could see myself eating when the hubs isn't home: Rice and Bean Casserole with Guacamole

And this is a meal I would have to eat WITH the hubs, because he would not want to miss these! Cheeseburgers with sautéed mushrooms, arugula (maybe we would sub in spinach?) and dijon aioli. 

This is a recipe I've had sitting in my Kraft Recipes box that I moved on over to Pinterest- Cappuccino Chocolate-swirl Cheesecake bars.

I thought this was the cutest idea. In kindergarten  buy a large tee shirt and add their graduation year. Take a photo every year with the shirt!

I thought this would be a nice item for a baby nursery :)

This post had some great ideas for prepping ahead to make home cooked meals easier throughout the week. 

I'm a cookie lover, and this recipe for Inside Out Chocolate Chip cookies got my attention! I would probably do peanut butter or chocolate chips instead of white chocolate though.

This weekend is gearing up to be another busy one, but after next week things should start to slow down. My plan is to do lots of homework, knit a little, and enjoy the weather!

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vampire_wolf said...

All your recipes look great!
I want to try the bites, and the cookies...And that casserole.. lol