Friday, April 12, 2013

Weekly Pinterest FInds

This week's Pinterest finds are a little different than normal. I've mentioned a few times that I'm graduating in May, and this week I was looking for a dress for graduation. I don't wear dresses a lot, and while I probably have something in my closet that would work, this is a good opportunity to add to my dresses and feel pretty for graduation :) These first couple of pins are my ideas I have come up with so far:

What do you think? Any of these win your vote???

I also found this neat idea for mixer attachments:

I love the idea of matte nailpolish!

Sorry this is kind of a short post. This week has been a long one and I guess I didn't find too much to pin!

1 comment:

vampire_wolf said...

I like the second dress. You look good in brown...and none of the others have a super flattering cut...
The mixer attachment thing is cool:)