Monday, June 24, 2013

Menu Monday

This past weekend was a super busy whirlwind, but it was awesome! I'm hoping to do a post tomorrow with some pics to share the craziness! But for today, I have a menu to share :)

Monday: lunch- tuna salad with crackers, apple, and double stuff oreos
Dinner- I am going to my Dad's softball game right after work, so I'm grabbing McDonalds on the way. Trying to make healthier choices and going with a fruit parfait and chicken nuggets!

Tuesday: lunch- bacon and avocado salad
Dinner- Mom and I are shopping, so we will probably grab something while we are out

Wednesday: lunch- going to try avocado egg salad and a plum
Dinner- grilled chicken and garbanzo bean salad with Sara (I'm winging the salad, so if we like it I will share the recipe!)

Thursday: lunch- skinny poolside dip with crackers
Dinner- chicken quesadilla

Friday and Saturday are going to be pretty wishy washy. The hubs is coming home either Friday night or sometime Saturday, so it is hard to plan when he will be home and what we will eat once he is. I'm just not going to plan anything, and if he isn't home Friday night, it will be a cereal for dinner night! I'm also planning on heading to the Farmers market about 30 minutes from me Saturday morning, so if he isn't around I can always grab lunch there. 

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