Monday, June 10, 2013

Tapas, Mini Baja, and a Menu!

This weekend was a whole lot of fun! It started Friday after work when the hubs and I went to Toro Tapas Bar in Buffalo. Toro specializes in appetizer plates meant to be shared. We had a Living Social Deal so we had to spend over $40 (terrible, I know). We ended up ordering four plates to share, and I managed to remember to photograph three of them. Not bad for me!

The hubs and I each chose 2 plates apiece, and the first one that came out was the cheese and fruit plate. This was really good, and the biggest of the plates. I know there was brie, gouda, cheddar, and swiss, but I wasn't sure about the other 2 cheeses. You can also see the cheese cracker that we spread more cheese on. Can you tell we like cheese? There was also an assortment of fruit, which I got mostly to myself because the hubs is not a big fan.

Next out was one of the hubs picks, steak skewers with rice. This one was ok, but nothing amazing. The rice had beans in it, which the hubs doesn't like, but the steak was good. There were actually 3 skewers to begin with, but this photo came a little after the plate was delivered :)

Next came the mussels, which was one of the hub's picks but I ended up liking it more than him! Instead of a traditional wine and garlic sauce, the mussels were steamed in more of a tomato based sauce and had chorizo slices in the bowl as well. Yum!

The last dish, my pick, was the bison quesadilla. If you have read my blog for a while you know how I love quesadillas, and this one ranks up there! The cilantro cream sauce (drizzled on top) and the charred tomato salsa (in the bowl on the side) really made this special. 

If you are looking for a fun place to eat a slightly non-traditional meal with friends, both the hubs and I give Toro a thumbs up!

Saturday consisted of tests and work, so it wasn't too exciting, but we did get to relax and get a few things done around the house in the evening. That night we were talking about our schedule for the next day (Sunday) and the hubs says, "You remember me telling you about the mini baja race that [my college] is doing? Well it's tomorrow. Do you want to go?" So at 10pm that night we decided that we would leave at 6am to drive to Palmyra, NY for the mini baja race :)

As last minute as all the planning was, it was actually a really awesome day. The weather was nice, the race went well, and the hubs got to catch up with some of his friends (he was on the team last year). About half way through the four hour race I was starting to get a little sunburned and we had forgotten sunscreen (read: last minute planning!) so I went to sit in the car in the shade. Of course, I had knitting with me, and managed to get quite a bit done. The hubs even brought me some food for lunch :) The race was relatively interesting- knowing that college students built these cars and were driving them made it much more interesting than professional races to me. Here is a shot of one of the hills on the track. 

After the race was over we left and headed back toward home. We had plans to have dinner with my parents, my brother, and his fiance, so we hung out at the mall near our restaurant for about an hour until dinner time. We ate at Longhorn Steakhouse, which is becoming one of our "go to" chain restaurants. I got the filet and salmon, which I have ordered before, and saved half for lunch today. It was great to catch up with my brother, who lives 2 hours away, and his fiance, who lives 5 hours away. They are so fun to be around, and I can't wait for the wedding (not theirs!) that we are all going to in July.

Whew! What a weekend. I'm glad we got to pack so much in with the hubs leaving Friday for some USMCR training. As far as a menu, not only is it all set, we actually did our grocery shopping last night!

Monday: variations on Cobb salads with baguette and cheese

Tuesday: French toast with bacon and fruit

Wednesday: Steak, asparagus, and roasted potatoes

Thursday: Tuna melts

Friday is still up in the air as I don't know exactly when the hubs has to leave, and it may be easier to grab subway or something. Starting Saturday I'm a bachelorette for a bit, so I'll be posting about recipes I will be trying, projects I want to tackle, and other randomness!

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