Monday, June 17, 2013

Special Menu Monday

As I hinted on Saturday, this week's menu is going to be a little different. The hubs is away for training, so I'm left to my own devices for menu planning and food making. Our good friends Kris and Sara are in a similar situation; Kris is working nights this week, and Sara is on her own for dinner. We decided instead of trying to feed ourselves healthy food (and not resorting to freezer pizza!) that Sara and I would combine forces and eat dinners together this week! With the exception of Monday (since I work late it wasn't practical for us to eat together) we will be making and eating our dinners together :)

Here is the run down for how the week will go:

Monday: lunch- crackers and cheese, leftover fried rice, apple
dinner- tater tots and roasted mushrooms and broccoli

Tuesday: lunch- tuna salad with crackers and peaches
dinner- Chopped salads loosely based on this recipe with creamy avocado dressing

Wednesday: lunch- trying a new Campbells soup (more on that when I try it!) with an apple and granola bar
dinner- shredded chicken tacos

Thursday: lunch- either leftovers from Wednesday or Subway

Friday: lunch- either leftovers or deli meat roll up with popcorn
dinner- Homemade Big Macs with curly fries 

It is hard to pick which meal I am most excited about! Most of these are Pinterest Finds or inspired from magazine recipes, so it will be really fun to try out new recipes. We are also planning to make mini fruit pizzas Tuesday, and eating them for desserts for the week (or as long as they last!)

Sara and I discovered it was relatively easy to have this come together. Last week we started pinning ideas, and Friday night we got together and banged out a menu and shopping list (ingredients minus things we had on hand). We shopped Saturday morning and put all the food for our combined meals together (and separate from our personal shopping) and just had the cashier split the bill in half for us. It was so easy! Since Sara works slightly longer hours than I do, and her dog is still a puppy, we decided to eat at her house so she could easily accomodate letting him out and such. I will definitely be reporting back on how it goes!

I went to a family wedding Saturday that was really beautiful! It was at the Avanti Mansion in Buffalo, which is a really nice facility for weddings. I took quite a few photos since the hubs couldn't attend, but I will only share a few here. 

The food at the wedding was impressive. From left to right is turkey stuffed with dressing, carrots and green beans, potatoes  and steak. I couldn't quite finish my plate, but it tasted pretty good! There was also cake, made by the mother of the bride (also the same person who made our wedding cake!) that was delicious, but I ate it too fast to take a photo :)

The table decorations were really pretty, and included these flowers in vases filled with water and a light at the bottom.

Toward the end of the night my photos didn't turn out well because they turned the lights down and had  special lighting for the dance floor. It was a nice evening even though I was my own date ;)

Can't wait to try our salad and fruit pizzas tomorrow!

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