Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Menu on a Tuesday Again

I had a blogger fail yesterday and even though I remembered to blog at one point, I totally forgot later in the day and it just didn't happen. Is it sad that I need to schedule everything in my calendar or it doesn't get done?

This weekend was more working and more house stuff. We had so little free time during the semester that now it feels like we need to get ALL THE HOUSE THINGS done. The windows are finally being finished, the hubs fixed the part on our screen door that now makes it close normally, the lawn got mowed, and tons of other boring stuff that I have no pictures of.

Also, on a random note, the hubs and I finished watching the show Crossing Jordan this week. Did you ever watch this? Its an oldie that the hubs had watched off and on but I had never seen before. Very much a Bones meets CSI but set in the 90s. It is on Netflix and has around 8 seasons, so if you are looking for a new series to watch and like the crime case based shows, give it a try!

Anyway, I do have a menu for this week!

Monday: lunch- Subway with the hubs!
dinner- chicken burritos! mine included rice, chicken, black beans, plain green yogurt, onions, and cheese

Tuesday: lunch- leftover rice and beans, leftover hot dog, apple
dinner- something breakfasty, either a breakfast casserole or just eggs and bacon

Wednesday: lunch- tuna wrap
dinner: homemade pizza

Thursday: lunch- leftover pizza
dinner- broccoli mac and cheese

Friday: lunch- leftover mac and cheese (hopefully!)
dinner- we will be trying the Tapas place I mentioned last week- it turns out that you can't use the special offer I have on Wednesdays (odd I know!) so I think we will try again for this Friday.

Since Wednesday is the guys poker night, we will eat our pizza dinner early. I think this means the girls will need to make a snack for later...? I will have to browse Pinterest for ideas :) Speaking of Pinterest- I promise I will have a Pinterest Finds post on Friday! I have lots of stuff to share.

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