Wednesday, June 5, 2013

WIP Wednesday

This is going to be a bit of a random WIP Wednesday post as I have a lot to share!

First things first, I got a haircut yesterday. Normally I keep my hair about the same length and style, with small variations. This time I decided I wanted something different, and this was the result!



 And here is my hair that is going to be donated.

Initially I wasn't planning on donating my hair. I have done it twice in the past, but I didn't think my hair was long enough. By cutting off another inch or so I was able to donate it, and I really like the way it turned out!

Right after I got my haircut I went grocery shopping and managed to lock myself out of my car AFTER I got groceries. Fun times. Thank goodness for friends! They rescued me by running to my house, getting my spare set, and bringing it to me. 

We also changed up our menu for last night. Originally we were going to have breakfast casserole, but I wasn't feelin it. Since I had just gone shopping, we had lots of fresh veggies in the house so I made fried rice instead with the rice leftover from our burritos. It's one of our favorites and we hadn't had it in a while, so it really hit the spot. Yay for changing it up!

Now, onto the knitting! I'm still working on the baby blanket for my niece, and I think I got another colorful section and white section done since last week.

It is still really fun to knit, but this week hasn't had as much car riding time as last week, so less knitting got done :)

I did start a new project, a washcloth for me! My cotton stash has been slowly growing, and I decided that I should try out some different patterns and use it up. This one is the Spa Day Facecloth

 The color is actually more lilac than it is showing here, but I'd say its about 1/3 done. The pattern is easily memorized and makes a nice texture.

I also started spinning a new fiber. This in Into the Whirled in the "Sternennacht" color way, which is based on the Starry Night painting. I decided to split the roving up by color, and started spinning the yellow sections. 

A little bit of the light blue crept in there, but overall I'm pleased with it so far. I hope to be into the light blue later this week!

I'm still reading all the same books but have made a little progress, especially on Game of Thrones. As always, come find me on goodreads to keep up with what I'm reading.

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